Oak Ridge Family Circles

Oak Ridge Family Circles
Posted on 12/09/2022

Dear Oak Ridge Families,

In an effort to support Royal Oak Schools vision to be a “community of excellence,” we are happy to bring back the Oak Ridge Family Circles program! These Family Circles are designed to build a stronger sense of community at Oak Ridge Elementary and to provide instruction on character education and anti-bullying. Today, your child attended their first Family Circle meeting! All children K-5 will attend Family Circle meetings about once a month for 40 minutes. Grade level and some special area teachers will be Family Circle leaders. Family Circles are small groups of mixed ages and grade levels. There will be 18-20 students per “family.” Your student remains with this same Family Circle and leader for the years they are a student at Oak Ridge.

Family Circles will be used to teach the strong character traits we value at Oak Ridge.  Responsibility, diversity, problem solving and kindness are some of the lessons we hope to cover this year. Family Circles will also be a great way for our students to build important relationships with different staff members and other students from a variety of different grade levels. The positive relationships that are fostered in Family Circles play a key role in building community in our school! If you would like to learn more about our Family Circles program, please feel free to contact Dr. Parrott at [email protected] or Mrs. Farver (Family Circle Chair) at [email protected]



The Oak Ridge Family Circle Committee